"Residenza Cà Tazzoli takes the name from its resident and historical personality Don Enrico Tazzoli, hanged in 1852 with others “Martiri di Belfiore” because they were symphatizers ...

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"The rooms are equipped with accessories and facilities to guarantee comfort during the stay.  The house, now restructured and provided by wide rooms with a common calm ...

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Where we are

"The structure keeps its ancient peculiarity, blending with present facilities.  It takes place at Hotel dei Gonzaga in Piazza Sordello 52, Mantova. The structures are adjacent.

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"Welcome to Mantova"

Residenza Ca' Tazzoli - Via Tazzoli, 1 - 46100 Mantova
tel +39 0376 321533 - fax +39 0376 226010 -